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Physician Leadership Opportunities Across the Western United States

Our leaders never stop growing. TeamHealth gives you all the tools you need to advance your career in clinical leadership! We cultivate leaders to guide their teams toward goals like client retention and patient satisfaction, as well as the ultimate goal – high-quality patient care. You’re a contributor, collaborator, innovator – and we have leadership opportunities to help you further your career!

As a TeamHealth leader you’ll be able to advocate for patients, peers and nursing colleagues thereby increasing job satisfaction and fostering a strong culture of collaboration and connection. Our leadership openings pave the way for you to further your abilities as you grow into administrative responsibilities. Make a positive impact by influencing processes that improve efficiency and outcomes for patient care teams, which ultimately benefits the community and allows it to thrive.

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To learn about other Western U.S. Region positions, please contact Kyle Wofford, Manager of Recruitment, West Group

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